"Coming up to my finals I realized there was too much for me to learn, I was getting bogged down in formulas, lists, advantages, disadvantages – you name it. I started to panic a bit and then came across iStudySkills.com. It is fair to say that from an academic point of view it changed my life. Study became much easier. I was now able to retain everything I revised and this obviously is a massive advantage. The first day I implemented the techniques I actually had to stop mid afternoon as I could not believe I had learned so much. The finals were a breeze, I got a first class honours degree and totally owe it to the iStudySkills techniques.You still have to put in the work but the difference is it can be fun and you really remember everything." 

Rory Kirby, 1st Class Honours Student in Interactive Multimedia, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

"Without the help of the mind-mapping and memory journey techniques I learned, I would never have been able to do as well in my state exams as I did. In just over a month, I was able to completely turn around what I thought was a failed year. It simply made the difference between getting my preferred university course and having to repeat my final year and try again a year later. I’m now nearing the end of my second year of university, and there is no way I’d be here if it wasn’t for the techniques I was taught." 

Dara Ó Muireagáin, Student studying Scriptwriting for Film & Television in Bournemouth University, UK

"I was studying for my CPA accountancy exams and found it very hard to stay focused and retain information. With the help of the iStudySkills program, I picked up some valuable advice on how to keep my concentration and not be leaving the room every 10 minutes. It also helped me in remembering topics I had studied weeks if not months in the past through a few simple study techniques."

Bryan Daly, PSC Accounting Services Ltd

These days Karena, my daughter, focuses comfortably at her study table, but it wasn’t always so. I came across the iStudySkills website through a happy accident and was thrilled when Karena was positive about completing the videos on the site. I am since awed by the changes in her. 

The quality of her written work improved and I was amazed at her end of year results at school,which she has since sustained. 

The website has extensive training in all areas of education which ensures a broad learning platform for self-confidence to build rapidly. 

Their passion and unabashed common sense is inspiring. Every parent needs to know this information. The website specialises in providing training which is second to none.

Michele Sheehan, Mom of Karena aged 10yrs

I found iStudySkills to be an incredible resource for ideas and methods to help me learn better. As I’m over 50 and a researcher, some of the concepts I’ve come across and used for years, but much of it was new and I’ve NEVER seen all of this put together in one place. I only wish I had access to all this before I started high school – I would have learned more, enjoyed more free time and it would have really given me an advantage in college and my professional life

The idea of ‘learning to learn’ may not ‘sound’ sexy or exciting, but it is one of the foundations of long term success, and I believe, long term fulfillment. 

If you are a parent, I can think of few things (short of unconditional love and emotional support) that would make a better gift for your child. (And do it together – that way you’ll also learn a lot and the experience will be emotionally bonding for you and your child)

Michael McCarrell, Professional Researcher Los Angeles CA

The iStudySkills programme will help students at any level to get better results in less time without the stress and strain of last minute cramming. Crucially, the programme teaches key skills that can be used again and again in any subsequent study pursuits.

Conor Griffin, Teachers Union of Ireland

As both a teacher and a researcher, I believe that iStudySkills offers wonderful opportunities to both students and scholars. In the learning environment, I have found iStudySkills to lend itself ideally to both class preparation and student revision. In the research domain, I believe iStudyskills is the ideal platform for both literature reviews and the development of conceptual and methodological frameworks.

Dr. Declan Curran, Economics Lecturer, Dublin City University

I returned to education after a fifteen year gap to complete a Masters in Education four years ago. My first few
assignments didn’t get the marks that I felt they deserved and I wasn’t sure why. I contacted my tutor who failed to accurately explain where I was going wrong so instead I consulted Brenda Morgan of iStudySkills.com. 

After looking through my first few assignments Brenda showed me very clearly where I was going wrong. My arguments and content were sound however I was failing to put the information across in a proper ‘compare and contrast’ way. Instead of linking my arguments I was making statement after statement which didn’t read well, this was the first time I understood where I was making my mistakes, my structure was all wrong. 

Using the mind mapping technique Brenda showed me how to plan my answer in a clear and concise way which linked points across chapters and provided me with a far stronger argument and a more coherent essay as an end result. 

I continued to use mind mapping throughout the rest of that first year and my average grade rose from low 60% to high 70% and even 80%. I used the mind mapping technique for the following two years of my Masters not only for essay writing but for study also to keep things clear and concise in my own mind, I found the method invaluable. I completed my Master with honours and would be very confident that should I return to higher education again in the future that mind mapping would be a central component of any future studies.

Olive Sharp, Primary School Teacher