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These days Karena, my daughter, focuses comfortably at her study table, but it wasn’t always so. I came across the iStudySkills website through a happy accident and was thrilled when Karena was positive about completing the videos on the site. I am since awed by the changes in her.

The quality of her written work improved and I was amazed at her end of year results at school,which she has since sustained.

The website has extensive training in all areas of education which ensures a broad learning platform for self-confidence to build rapidly.

Their passion and unabashed common sense is inspiring. Every parent needs to know this information. The website specialises in providing training which is second to none.

Michele Sheehan, Mom of Karena aged 10yrs

"Coming up to my finals I realized there was too much for me to learn, I was getting bogged down in formulas, lists, advantages, disadvantages – you name it. I started to panic a bit and then came across It is fair to say that from an academic point of view it changed my life. Study became much easier. I was now able to retain everything I revised and this obviously is a massive advantage. The first day I implemented the techniques I actually had to stop mid afternoon as I could not believe I had learned so much. The finals were a breeze, I got a first class honours degree and totally owe it to the iStudySkills techniques.You still have to put in the work but the difference is it can be fun and you really remember everything."

Rory Kirby, 1st Class Honours Student in Interactive Multimedia, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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